At Linebet, we use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve the user experience, improve the functionality of our website and for analytical purposes. Understanding how these technologies work will help you navigate our site more effectively.

Cookies are small data files stored on your device when you visit our website. They help remember your preferences, login information and track your behavior on our site. This information allows us to tailor our services to your interests and needs.

Types of cookies used

  • Session: These are temporary files that expire when you close your browser. They are necessary for the basic functioning of our website and allow us to use features such as secure login.
  • Permanent: Permanent files remain on your device for a certain period of time or until deleted. They remember your preferences and actions over time, allowing us to personalize our services.
  • Third Party Files: We may use third party service providers that set cookies to perform tasks such as site analytics or advertising. They help us understand user behavior and provide targeted advertising.

Tracking Technologies

In addition to cookies, we use other tracking technologies such as web beacons, pixels and tags. These are used to understand how you interact with our website and emails to help deliver content and advertising that is relevant to your needs.

Your control 

  • Settings: Most web browsers allow you to manage your settings where you can accept, reject or delete cookies.
  • Opt out of tracking: In the case of third party tracking and targeted advertising, you have the option to opt out of this feature through various advertising networks.

Privacy and Security

Linebet respects your privacy and ensures that all data collected through cookies and tracking technologies is handled securely.